Key Dates

The New Year is a perfect opportunity to breathe new life into your business. A great way to achieve this is to create detailed marketing campaigns based on seasonal trends and shopping habits.

Follow this month-by-month seasonal retail guide to help you develop a detailed marketing strategy; make peak months even more profitable and reinvigorate shoppers during slow months.


Consumers often see the New Year as a starting point for change, aiming to fulfill their resolutions. For many, weight loss and healthy eating are at the top of their list.


Retailers who don’t offer typical Valentine’s Day gifts can still profit by keeping cute gift ideas near the register, like flowers, chocolates and Champagne


Offers some great opportunities to increase sales, British Pie week, Shrove Tuesday and of course, Mothers day!


By this time, spring should be well and truly underway, if the weather is good consumers thoughts turn to eating alfresco and of course Easter brings its own retail opportunities for Easter Eggs, flowers etc.


This month has a plethora of smaller marketing opportunities. national Doughnut week, sandwich week and British Wine week, you don’t have to promote them all, pick the one that suits your shop and your demographic of customer best.

June and July

In these months, people are concentrated on fun: attending weddings, barbecuing, having outdoor parties, offer promotions on your products that are the most fun and exciting – items that encourage them to continue to have fun. Other opportunities: Father’s Day, Wimbledon and British Golf open.


By and large August is all about holidays and family time with this being the school holidays.


Back-to-school shopping. Recent studies show that back-to-school shoppers are most interested in getting more for less. They’re shopping more AND saving more. That’s why it’s important to launch your best sales and promotions during this time. Also additional opportunities around British Food Fortnight.


These months are all about themes. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so do whatever you can to incorporate the colour pink in your promotional displays. Of course, Halloween items reign supreme at the end of the month, so incorporating spooky imagery and colours is a must.


Studies show that many shoppers are starting their Christmas shopping extremely early. The sooner you promote your Christmas special offers, the better.


December is all about Christmas too, except now shoppers are now in more of a panic phase. Retailers can benefit from continuing sales in the weeks leading up to Christmas, offering last-minute offers and deals.

For detailed information regarding all the key promotional dates throughout the year please download our calendar, have a great year !

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