Community Shops

In the UK around 400 commercial village shops close each year?

This can make a huge impact on social well being and the local economy.  one solution is to for residents to take control and open a Community owned/run shop. There are currently 300 community owned shops in the UK, they offer a vital source of retail provision within rural communities and are recognised as helping to reduce rural social isolation and loneliness. 

If you are about to lose your village shop and want to consider community ownership as a way of saving it? or if you already have a community-owned shop and want support to make sure it thrives? We can help! 

Community ownership is based on a co-operative structure, this means the members buy shares in the business and will therefore take an active part in its direction and day to day running. this structure works on a one member, one vote basis (rather than one share, one vote) meaning that whatever amount you put in – £1 or £1,000 – you have an  equal voice. This means everyone in the community, no matter how small their financial contribution can be involved. It also means that the profits are either reinvested into the shop or into another community project, not given to shareholders as a dividend.

For more information , resources and tools to assist in setting up a community shop click on the links below

Plunkett-getting started.

Support for exiting community shops

If you would like to talk to an adviser about setting up a community shop please complete the form below

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